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Hey everybody! :aww:

As the (lame) title of this journal states, I am now back home from my camping trip! I technically returned yesterday, but I was so exhausted from the trip, I just wanted to crash on my lovely waterbed that I so dearly missed. Also I wanted to watch the new episodes of Legend of Korra that I knew were recorded on my DVR. :squee:

My camping trip was loads of fun! When my family and I got to the campground last Sunday, we didn't get to do much other than set up the campsite and eat dinner, so that was fairly uneventful, but the other days were awesome! Monday and Tuesday greeted us with thunderstorms and rain all day, unfortunately, so we were stuck inside the camper all day. I spend most of Monday playing the HTTYD 2 soundtrack on the camper's radio and drawing in my journal, along with reading my books and watching Despicable Me 2 with my mom, younger brother, and our dog. Tuesday was better, as the rain let up for a couple hours in the afternoon, but I spent Tuesday much the same as Monday, except with more reading and less drawing. Wednesday was great, as from Wednesday onward, the weather was warm and sunny. Perfect camping weather! And my grandparents and two younger cousins came out to the campground to join us on Wednesday. So my brother and I had our cousins to hang out with over just each other :aww: Not that I don't like my brother...I just don't see my cousins as often as him. Obviously. :XD: Anyway we walked up to the barn and played ping pong, and later my cousin and I went fishing (only caught baby bluegill :/ Only about 3-4 inches long).

Thursday was close to the same as Wednesday (If I'm remembering correctly). At this point I had already gotten through five of the eight books I brought with me, and it was extremely difficult to restrain myself from reading the rest of them at once. I didn't want to run out of reading material before we got home, but the plot was getting so exciting!! D: Friday was both the best and the worst. It was the best because I got to hang out with my friend Katie, whom my brother, cousins, and I had met YEARS ago at this same campground (she and her mom work there). I only ever see her in the summer when we go camping (we've been going to the same campground each year since before I was born), and I always look forward to seeing her. She and I sat on the beach and read our books for a bit before jumping into the lake to go swimming. Then she had to go to work at the camp store :P But a couple hours later my other cousin and her boyfriend showed up, and we all (me, my brother, our three cousins, my cousin's boyfriend, and my other cousin's friend)  played...played...crap I don't know how to spell it...but it's pronounced "Nuke 'em". It's sorta like volleyball, as we played on sand with a volleyball net, except not quite. Basically you divide into two teams, one on each side of the net, and toss a volleyball back and forth. You have to catch the ball and throw it back over the net, not moving from the spot where you caught it. The key is to not let the ball hit the ground. If the ball hits the ground, the person closest to it is out. A teammate can catch the ball one-handed to get someone who was out back into the game. And the first team to eliminate all of the players on the other team wins! So that is always a lot of fun! :D The bad part about Friday, though, was that I got sunburned pretty bad :( The tops of my feet are still red and inflamed. Ugh, sometimes I really hate my pale, fair skin.....

Saturday was more relaxed, as I mostly sat and read my book with my feet in a tub of cold water (for the sunburn). Me and my cousin Alison went fishing a bit in the middle of the day when it was cloudy (I put on a lot of sunscreen), but it was too hot, and the fish weren't really biting. I wasn't too surprised, seeing as they prefer the cooler, deeper water during the day and tend to come into the shallows by the docks in the early morning and the evening. Mostly I was exhausted and tired all of Saturday, which I attribute to the sunburn and sun I had gotten a lot of the day before. I don't really know why, but being out in the hot sun for so long exhausts me. I had a headache most of the evening, and was starting to want to be back home. The next day, yesterday, aka Sunday, we did go home though. And it was such a great feeling. We got rained on in the morning as we were trying to pack up, but it didn't last too long. And by 12:30, 1 o'clock that afternoon, we were home and I had put all of my things away in my room where they belonged. I spent the remainder of the day sitting in the living room with my parents, reading my book with my feet in a tub of cold water and Epsom salts, then watching Shrek the Third on T.V. The best part was being able to sit on the couch without having to lean my head against a wall, and pet my kitty as he sat purring on my lap. 

I also slept better than I have had in a long time last night. And gods, did I need it :XD: 

So I haven't been able to check deviantART until now, and BOY, was my inbox filled! Nearly 4,000 different messages. Granted they were mostly deviations from groups I've joined, but still!!! Reminded me why I try to check my inbox every other day. I leave for a week, and I spend a couple hours sorting through all of the messages. 

I want to give a big thank-you to everyone who added my art to your favorites or collections this week, even though I already wrote on all of your pages, it truly means a lot to me!!

Also thanks to :icondraconis-astrum: and :iconstormthehusky: for your feedback on my previous journal, it was really helpful and it's heartening to know you guys like what I submit here! :aww:

And a GIGANTIC thank-you to :iconrhosgobel-rabbit: for the AMAZING birthday drawing!! It was a WONDERFUL surprise to come home to after a long trip! :D I don't care if it's nearly six months late, I love it!! Thanks so much again!! :aww:

I think that is about it. Wow this was a long journal...if you read the whole thing, thanks for sticking with me!! I will be trying to get some new deviations up within the next few days/week. I drew a couple new pieces while camping, and started others, so hopefully I will have them finished soon and up in my gallery! :D 

Thanks again you guys, and please, have a wonderful rest of your day, whenever you read this! :aww:
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United States
Hello! I'm Silverstripe24, but most people call me Silver or Sam :D Welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy looking around, my deviations include mostly animals, fantasy creatures, fanart relating to my favorite movies, tv shows, and books, and a couple literature pieces. Oh, I also have some original characters usually based in the universe of again, a favorite movie/book/tv show :aww:
Currently, I am on SUMMER VACATION with my first year of college under my belt, so this means I should be able to submit more of my art and stories! I have an online class to take starting May 5th, but I don't expect it to take up too much of my time. I also need to get a job at least for the summer so I have money for gas, and to buy some little things here and there. But again, I should most definitely have more time for art-related things, including the groups I am part of here! :D
My "current" projects include:
:bulletblue: My :iconpokeumans: spinoff, One of Us
:bulletblue: My How to Train Your Dragon story, Scottish Riders
:bulletblue: Species Sheets for the Shrieking Fury, Frilled Venom, and Sanguine Sharpspitter (my HTTYD dragon breeds)
:bulletblue: Childhood horses drawings
:bulletblue: Chapter Cover pictures for One of Us
:bulletblue: "We Can Be Heroes"-inspired family dogs "portrait" (song:

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking around and have a lovely day! :aww:

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