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Hey everybody!

Boy, it's been a while since I wrote a journal entry, and I think (hope) that some of you are wondering what is going on on my end, so here we go!

Firstly, today (Sept. 2nd) is my official first day of classes for the Fall 2014 semester of my second (sophomore) year of college. I say "official" because while classes haven't technically started until today, I've been doing marching band camp stuff since Friday (Aug. 29th) for my university's marching band. It's been wonderful seeing my old friends and making some new ones in the first-year members, even though the days have been long and hot (though we did get rained on a couple times, so that helped to cool us off a bit).  We've been hard at work learning and relearning our Pregame show music (we do a 10 minute performance at the start of each home (American) football game), along with memorizing it, plus our usual stand and drum cheers, which are always a lot of fun. For the first time ever in our band's history, however, we're actually changing how we (the band) get onto the field for Pregame, and it is super exciting and intense, as well as a workout. I would describe it for you guys, but I feel it would prove too confusing and difficult for both of us. Perhaps if I can I may post a journal with a video of one of our performances sometime for you guys to see, if you would like. 

So other than having marching band practice 4-5 times a week, I am taking four classes: General Genetics (which I attended this morning), Statistics Using R, Oceans Systems (an online course), and an anthropology course called The First Americans, which deals with the first settlers of the North American continent. All of my classes aside from band pertain to my Biology major or count as prerequisite courses, and I have a feeling they all won't be so easy. So unfortunately that means I'll have to put my deviantART stuff (mostly) on hiatus. I may have time here and there to write or draw something, but most likely not. I have one drawing I want to submit either today or soon that I made to put in the front of my marching band binder, and I may submit the trumpet t-shirt design my section asked me to draw once it is finalized, but other than these I wouldn't expect much if anything else. My fall semester lasts until the week of December 8th, 2014, after which I should have a three-week break before my "Spring" semester starts sometime in January. I have a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving at the end of November though, so maybe I will have time for art stuff then also. This semester I am at my busiest mostly because of marching band, which takes up a lot of my time with practices, rehearsals, performances, and football games, so whatever free time I have I will most likely use for my classwork, or memorizing/practicing music. 

Sadly, my education has to come before my hobby, and believe me I'm not too thrilled about having little to no time for drawing either. Not to mention little to no writing or reading time. But I need to get my Bachelor's degree, and later my Master's, if I hope to get anywhere in the realm of biology and ecology.

I am super sorry for all of the bad news, and if you actually read through this entire thing I want to give you a hug as thanks :hug:, because I'm sure it was boring.  I hope you guys are having a fantastic first week of classes if you are like me and are starting a new school year this week, but if not and you are already well into your year, I hope everything is going as smoothly as it can possibly be, and I offer my encouragement to you all to have a great year! :hug: :D 

EDIT: Oops, I nearly forgot, :iconflyingwithfire: tagged me in her journal, so now I have to write another journal soon, but I don't think I'll be tagging anyone specific, since I don't have a lot of time to find 10 people to tag ^^;

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Hello! I'm Silverstripe24, but most people call me Silver or Sam :D Welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy looking around, my deviations include mostly animals, fantasy creatures, fanart relating to my favorite movies, tv shows, and books, and a couple literature pieces. Oh, I also have some original characters usually based in the universe of again, a favorite movie/book/tv show :aww:
My "current" projects include:
:bulletblue: My :iconpokeumans: spinoff, One of Us (finished Chapter 17, to start Chapter 18)
:bulletblue: My How to Train Your Dragon story, Scottish Riders (writing Chapter 4)
:bulletblue: Species Sheets for the Shrieking Fury, Frilled Venom, and Sanguine Sharpspitter (my HTTYD dragon breeds)
:bulletblue: Childhood horses drawings
:bulletblue: Chapter Cover pictures for One of Us (8 remaining)
:bulletblue: "We Can Be Heroes"-inspired family dogs "portrait" (song:

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking around and have a lovely day! :aww:

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